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Job and Business Ideas for over 50's

Over 50 and looking for a job?

Or maybe find out how to start your own small business?

Firstly, don't let being over 50, 60 or 70 put you off looking for work or starting your own business.

Older entrepreneurs often have the experience and skills to succeed where younger busines people fail.

Even if you've always worked for someone else in the past, you will have acquired all kinds of skills and knowledge which you can apply to starting and running your own business.

You may have always wanted to run your own business in the past but have never had the opportunity as you've been spending all your time working for someone else and making them money!

Many successful small (and large) business owners have taken the plunge into self-employment after being made redundant or retiring. A lot of older workers who have had to finish work for whatever reason have found that they are capable of developing their skills into a successful home-based business or job.

Failure to plan properly is a major factor in many small business failures so think carefully about what you're going to do and what you hope to achieve with the business. If necessary, prepare a business plan.

senior working on PCFinding a job if you are over 50 or 60

If starting your own business full-time is a step too far, you could look for a job with shorter hours and keep your options open by combining it with running your own business during your spare time. This course of action is particularly suitable to people over fifty and sixty as part-time or jobshare roles can be easier to find for the mature job-seeker.

If you are a senior or more mature applicant looking for a job, we've listed a few points below which might help you in the job seeking process.

Polish up your CV and consider ditching some older and irrelevant stuff. Many employers are only interested in your current skills and whether you have the ability to cope with the work.

One of the best ways to find a job if you are over 50 is by networking. Ask around if anyone knows of job vacancies and, if you're lucky enough to land an interview, talk to anyone who works in the company that you're interested in.

over 50 job

Work on your interview skills; if you're older than most of the other applicants, you'll need to shine at the interview stage.

Many older job applicants haven't had an interview in years so read up on interview techniques (see below) and practice!

Keep up to speed with technology.

Older applicants can be percieved as set in their ways and unreceptive to new technology so use the web, email, facebook twitter etc and show that you are familiar with it.
You could even consider online learning courses which, as well as teaching you a new skill, show potential employers that you're comfortable with using technology.

Top five jobs and work opportunities for over 50's that you can do based at home:

Driving and Delivery Work

Buying and Selling for profit


Gardening Work


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